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    The first and most important thing to note is that slot machines with bonuses are only available in online casinos. In no ground-based offline institution is such that it’s natural not to be found. There, incentives for players are of a completely different nature and are more likely aimed at improving the comfort of a client’s stay in a casino, rather than increasing his bankroll. On the Internet, such measures are by definition impossible. Here, let’s omit such important details of the work as the quality of the support service, the convenience of using the site and the casino client, the abundance and excitement of games, the availability of a choice of payment methods and a number of other points. There are huge number of different gifts and presents. They all in one form, for example casino online free bonus, or another can and will be at each subsequent gambling site. This is somewhat different. There is very high competition online and it’s not possible to show your location to the client in any other way, as soon as you can receive monetary incentives with rare exceptions, all other things being equal.

    Casino online bonuses

    Therefore, trying to understand what bonuses are exactly in the application to the world of gambling, you need to keep in mind that these are all measures to stimulate the activity of players, they are expressed purely financially and they are very diverse. Bonuses from the casino – this is when the institution gives you something ahead or free of charge for certain actions. Let’s say a sign up bonus. You are given a bonus just because you are going through the registration procedure at the casino (on the casino website or by downloading the casino client program). But as you know, it happens only in a mousetrap. So it is with bonuses in the casino: they all have their own conditions that must be strictly and strictly observed, otherwise you will be guaranteed a ban. Currently, there are practically no unconditional bonuses left. And if they do appear, then they act for a very limited time or are issued only to very active depositing players.

    In order to clearly understand what you have to deal with when agreeing to use this or that bonus, you need to understand very well that ANY bonuses of online casinos are, first of all, the efforts of the casino to forcefully increase the time of your game. How and for what? Not a single bonus is essentially free. In one form or another, but each of the possible has terms of use (the so-called “T&C” – terms and conditions). At this point, we dwell in more detail below. Here we just mention that in addition to the fact that the bonus as such increases your game bankroll – this is a plus, it also imposes a number of obligations on the player, including forcing, due to mandatory wagering requirements, to spend some time in the casino – as indicated above. But why is this done? So this is in order to bring the mathematical expectation of your game to the standard for the casino, that is, “a little negative.” Today, it is well known that in a long distance the casino wins in any case due to a negative expectation. We will not talk about luck in the form of jackpot loss – these cases are single. Although you can read about them almost every day in news feeds. Of course, bonuses are won back (that is, all conditions are fulfilled) and are withdrawn everywhere, and winnings during their use are not bad, but nevertheless they are an additional opportunity for a casino to reduce your chances of winning.

    Casino bonus

    In each online casino you can find a section of online casino bonus, where you can always find a detailed description of the bonus of interest. Also do not be too lazy to contact support if you still could not find something. And only then go to the “Cashier” section, where you have the opportunity to activate a particular bonus. By the way, in the Cashier you can also see the status of your balance, i.e. how much money you have in your account, how many comp points are collected during the course of bets, history of bets, etc. There you can make a deposit or withdraw funds from the casino. The vast majority of conditions for online casino bonuses require a player to make a deposit. Otherwise casino bonus will simply not be credited. In this section, you can just find such bonuses. We will show how to take any deposit bonus on one specific example.

    When you make a deposit in a casino, depending on the particular institution you have several options for receiving the proposed bonus or by entering a certain code in the casino cash desk in the appropriate field for entering codes and coupons. Or ask for a bonus in the support service via chat. Or send an email to the casino with an appropriate request for a bonus. It happens that the bonus is credited to the account automatically upon the fact of replenishing the balance of the casino account. Whatever the method of receiving the bonus was, then after replenishment on the corresponding bonus account or on the same one, but with the account being blocked from withdrawing from the casino, the entire total amount of the deposit and bonus appears. This amount is converted into real money or the withdrawal option in the “Withdrawal of funds” section is unlocked only after all the conditions and requirements are met in relation to the taken bonus.

    Free bonus: no deposit bonus and deposit one

    In general, welcome bonus is gift for you when you just pass registration. Another name for it is no deposit bonus. From the other side casino deposit bonus is calculated as a percentage of the deposit amount: for example, 100% of the deposit. In addition, very often the conditions additionally set the maximum bonus amount. It will look like this: get 100% up to 500 dollars. For these conditions, the mathematics will be as follows. You get a bonus equal to the amount of the deposit. By depositing $ 700 in a casino, you should have accrued $ 700 bonus on top. However, based on the fact that the maximum bonus amount under the conditions does not exceed $ 500, you will receive a maximum bonus of $ 500. As a result, you will have 700 (yours) + 500 (bonus) = $ 1,200 on the account.

    The figure seems to be good, but try not to be deceived – only the pace and timing of winning back the bonus matters here. The significant difference is that in order to clear the same bonus amount for different sizes of wagering requirements, you will have to make bets for 25 * 1200 = $ 30,000 for a wager, and for a 60x wager this figure will be 60 * 1200 = 72,000 dollars. In the first case, the conditions are acceptable, in the second they are difficult because you have to spend time if you do not merge quickly, quite a lot. And there are also draconian conditions when a wager with a deposit bonus reaches 99 times the amount of casino bonuses and deposit. So, you can receive online casino no deposit bonus only for check in! Sometimes in form of welcome bonus free spins can be offered for you.

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