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    Classic slots become interesting for players long time ago. This did not happen a year or two years ago, but in the 19th century. It was then that the first mechanical gaming machine was created, driven by a special lever. The handle was located on one side, so the machines were nicknamed – one-armed bandit. Fruits and sevens of the inscription bars were used as symbols on the reels. Such images were chosen for a reason. Classic slot machines used to have nothing to do with excitement. They played chewing gum and chocolate bars. The glory of gambling came to them much later. And even after that, the fruit decoration saved the owners of the cafes and bars in which they were from falling under the ban of gambling. The era of fruit slots went on for a long time. Many residents of the CIS also managed to catch her by spending time in the gaming halls. But when the ban on gambling slot machines came into force, the developers were not at a loss. They relocated to the worldwide Internet. Since then, manufacturers have begun to produce software for online casinos. By copying fruit classic slot games, companies created their emulators, which later became known as classic video slots.

    The classic slot is a slot machine with three reels and one pay line. Most of its symbols are all the same cherries, plums, watermelons, sevens, bar, which could be seen earlier on real machines. The payout table contains a small number of positions and is located directly on the screen, next to the reels. Classic slots do not have extensive functionality and special features. But at the same time, many casino guests prefer to play several games on the slots from the classic group. Emulators carry the special atmosphere of a bygone era and evoke nostalgic memories.

    Classic slot machines

    The so-called classic slot machines are the closest heirs to the first 1881 Liberty Bell slot machine. The principle of three reels, several characters with a different frequency of loss and payouts for a fully assembled line has survived to our time. At the beginning of the 20th century, during the time of the gambling persecution, some suppliers made peculiar hybrids of the vending and gaming machines, when candies with various fruit flavors or chocolate bars were given as winnings. Since then, the name “slots” (slot – slot for receiving money), as well as the popular fruit theme and the symbol “bar” (bar – bar) have been preserved. Later slot machines were made with a fairly powerful vertical lever to start the game, hence the other slang name for the machines – “one-armed bandits”.

    Now even offline slots with real mechanical reels are actually fully computerized and controlled by a random number generator and microprocessor. This allows you to expand the number of possibilities in the game. What can classic slots in online casinos offer us? Like a century ago, the main part of the machine is occupied by three reels with different symbols. On the side or top is a payout table for all possible combinations. In the lower part there are control buttons, you can select the face value of the coins (usually in the range 25s- $ 25), using the Bet One and Bet Max buttons you can set the number of coins used (usually from one to three), the game is launched by the Spin button. The drums rotate and then stop randomly, after which it is determined whether there are winning combinations on the lines.

    Classic slots online can have 1, 3 or 5 lines (respectively, the bet is multiplied by the number of lines). On the reels, symbols can go “close” or have gaps. Usually payments are made only when all three of the same symbols are collected on the line, although there may be separate payments for three similar symbols (for example, three different bars, three sevens, but different colors), only two and even one symbol. The game may also contain “wild” (wild) characters, which are a substitute for any other character. The game may also contain a jackpot, which is usually issued when three of the same rarest symbols appear on the very last line. Even if there is no jackpot, payments on the rarest symbol on the last line are often increased, so it makes sense to play with the maximum number of coins, as in video poker. Now even free classic slot machines with a bonus game appear when special characters appear, but this is still a rarity. Also a rare variation of MegaSpin offers you to play on several (4, 6, 9) screens at the same time. Several games are played in parallel, payments on them are added up.

    Play classic slots

    Free classic slots can be found in any online casino. You can practice the flash version of Break da Bank slot from Jackpot City casino, Microgaming software. As it was mentioned earlier, there can be no strategy in free classic slots games. The expectation in classic slots will often be in the range of 93-96%, (for some games it can be found on this site). The variance is usually average or rather high.

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